Custom Software Development
Solution Creation

Revolutionize your business with our custom software development services, the ultimate head start to power your business with lean efficiency and unmatched potential.


As a custom software development company, we offer a wide range of technological software
development services across a range of business domains to meet your specific business needs.


Our dedicated architect team can provide due diligence, auditing, and solution design. The delivery
organization will enable to maintain, retain and transfer the knowledge base for each project.
Data Function Inc. robust recruitment organization will allow us to attract and retain the top talent from
the market and ensure high quality of project execution.


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Streamline and optimize your operations with custom healthcare software development. Enhance your digital capabilities to measure and continuously improve the standards of service quality, financial performance, and overall customer experience.

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Legacy systems auditing and refactoring, migration, and refresh. Gain strategic insights and competitive advantage through custom insurance software development . Improve performance, resilience, and security of your core systems to support business growth.


Disruptive technological solutions to embrace actively changing guests’ demands. Reimagine customer experiences, ramp up operational agility, and boost financial resilience with the help of Data Function Inc. custom hospitality software development and full-scale innovations.

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Construction &
Civil Engineering

Accelerated digitalization with custom Construction & civil engineering software development to address industry-wide challenges, boost efficiency, enhance the productivity and safety of employees and drive sustainability.

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Legal Tech

Utilize legal technologies to add value to your legal organization and gain a competitive advantage. Custom legal tech software development will enable you to mitigate risks, increase efficiency, lower costs, reduce human error, and meet all deadlines and regulatory obligations with automated workflows.

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Full-scale custom Software application development for the sports industry from league and team management to streaming, and e-sports solutions. Data Function Inc. can help you revolutionize the user experience by integrating cutting-edge features and reliable technologies.

Our Toolbox for Creating Custom Software Excellence

Utilizing a dynamic array of progressive technologies, we design customized software solutions that redefine excellence in the digital world.

HTML 5            CSS          Java Script

.Net         Java       Python        Php       Node JS         GO

REST        JavaEE        AR/VR        Unity 3D        Spring        GraphQL        JPA/Hibernate        QT.NET

Angular        React Native        Vue.JS        ember        Meteor        NEXT.JS

Google Assistant        Google VR        Machine Learning(ML Kit)        Firebase        Google Cloud        Google Analytics

Custom Software Development
Services Process

When it comes to the software success in this competitive market,customized software
development process matters a lot. Hence,we had predefined rules that ensure work transparency at every stages
of the software development process.
Flowchart of Software Development Process


Our Platform Features

Big Data

Enhance your mobile apps with our Big Data tech, used in analyzing large data sets for in-depth insights, personalization, and app optimization, helping boost UX and engagement in the process.

Internet of Things

Connect your apps with smart devices, gather data in real-time, enable remote access, automate your tasks, and enhance user convenience, functionality, and accessibility with our IoT-powered apps.

Data Science

Harnessing the power of data science, we’ll empower your apps with predictive analysis, user behavior insights, and personalized experiences, to maximize user satisfaction and app performance.

Augmented Reality

Elevate your mobile apps by overlaying virtual elements onto the real world, enhancing user interaction, entertainment, and practical experiences to instill a UX unlike any other.

Virtual Reality

Our VR-powered mobile apps allow users to deep dive into simulated environments that offer immersive and interactive experiences for heightened engagement and satisfaction.

Artifical Intelligence

Our AI technology will empower your mobile apps with automation, personalization, and intelligent decision-making, helping deliver enhanced user experiences and optimal efficiency.

Image Recognition

We implement Image Recognition to enhance mobile apps by enabling automatic identification of objects, boosting accessibility, search, and interaction through visual analysis and understanding.

Block Chain

Our Blockchain technology will strengthen your mobile apps by ensuring secure, transparent, and tamper-proof data storage and transactions, enhancing trust, and enabling decentralized features.

Let's talk human agency

We believe that technology should increase rather than
decrease human agency.
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Good for people.

It's pretty simple-- people generally don't want tech products to wind up manipulating them into doing things they don't want to do.

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Good for business.

Building products with human agency in mind results in happier, more satisfied customers who stick around, spend more money and refer their friends.

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Good for life.

We strive to increase agency not just through building awesome products -- we treat our clients and team in ways that respect their agency and also donate 5% of our profits to highly effective charities.

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Pretty Important.

Given the increasingly important role technology plays in our daily lives, and future technological advances like Brain Machine Interfaces, tech that is designed with agency in mind is crucial to our future.

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