Force-V Energy Analytics Platform

At Data Function Inc., we pride ourselves on delivering cutting-edge software solutions that empower businesses and contribute to a sustainable future. Our latest creation, the Force-V Energy Analytics Platform, exemplifies our commitment to innovation and environmental responsibility. This platform was meticulously engineered to harness the power of IoT and Big Data to drive efficiency in solar energy management.

Solar panels in a field with Force-V login interface

The Challenge:

Our client required a sophisticated solution to monitor and analyze the performance of their extensive network of solar panel plants. The key was to provide real-time insights into energy production, environmental benefits, and financial gains from energy contributions back to the grid.

Force-V Catalogue

Future-Oriented Renewable, Control, and Electric Vehicle (Force-V) stands as an innovative high-tech engineering firm based in Lahore, Pakistan, with a specialized focus on pioneering solar energy solutions. At the heart of our company is a commitment to developing cutting-edge software poised to revolutionize the renewable energy sector. Our advanced software at Force-V brings together state-of-the-art control systems to optimize the production and management of solar energy. This platform is designed to not only maximize efficiency but also to monitor renewable energy outputs and offer predictive maintenance for solar installations. Beyond solar energy, our software expands its capabilities to support electric vehicle charging infrastructure, providing seamless integration and management solutions for sustainable transportation. We envision a future where renewable energy and electric vehicles work in harmony, contributing to a cleaner and more sustainable world. For those seeking progressive software solutions that drive the future of renewable energy and electric vehicle infrastructure, we invite you to connect with Force-V today. Together, let's shape a future powered by innovation and sustainability.

Our Solution

IoT Integration and Data Management

By harnessing the robust EMQX broker, we have seamlessly interconnected IoT devices across numerous solar panel plants. This integration facilitates the uninterrupted transmission of operational data, ensuring a constant flow of valuable insights. The data generated is systematically and securely stored on a MySQL server, serving as the foundation for our analytics system.

This approach not only enhances the real-time monitoring and control of each solar panel plant but also forms a comprehensive and secure data infrastructure. Through the utilization of EMQX and MySQL, we have fortified our commitment to reliable connectivity, data integrity, and advanced analytics in the realm of solar energy management.



API Development and Secure Data Exposure

We have crafted a suite of APIs designed to seamlessly interact with our data repository, ensuring both the security and efficiency of data retrieval processes. These APIs serve as the backbone for our front-end application, which is built on the robust and dynamic React framework.

By leveraging these APIs, our front-end application provides users with a responsive and intuitive interface, allowing for seamless access to the wealth of data stored in our repository. This integration not only enhances the user experience but also reflects our commitment to building a secure, efficient, and interconnected ecosystem for data interaction and visualization.

User-Centric Analytics Dashboard

The front end of our platform, as showcased in the provided screenshots, delivers a comprehensive analytical overview of the energy output for each solar panel plant. Users are empowered with the ability to filter and analyze this data across various intervals, ranging from 5-minute increments to hourly, daily, monthly, and yearly segments. This granularity enables users to conduct in-depth analyses of energy production trends and patterns.

Through an intuitive interface, users can navigate through the visual representations of energy data, gaining valuable insights into the performance of each plant. This dynamic and flexible approach to data visualization reflects our commitment to providing users with the tools they need for precise and informed decision-making in the realm of energy management.



Environmental Impact Tracking

As part of our commitment to sustainability and environmental consciousness, we have seamlessly integrated a feature into our platform to quantify the environmental impact of solar plant operations. This feature presents users with insightful metrics, including the amount of CO2 emissions reduced, coal saved, and equivalent trees planted.

By providing these quantifiable metrics, our platform not only highlights the ecological benefits of solar energy but also reinforces our clients’ positive image in terms of sustainability. This feature adds a layer of transparency and accountability, allowing users to see and appreciate the tangible contributions of their solar plants to environmental conservation. It aligns with our mission to empower users with data that goes beyond energy production, showcasing the broader positive implications for the planet.

Grid Energy Economics

An integral aspect of our platform is its capability to meticulously track and monitor the electricity fed back into the grid. This functionality offers users a clear and comprehensive picture of the monetary benefits derived from excess energy production. By accurately recording and analyzing the surplus energy contributed to the grid, our platform empowers users to understand the financial implications of their renewable energy initiatives.

This feature not only promotes transparency in energy transactions but also allows users to make informed decisions about optimizing energy production and potentially leveraging incentives or compensation for surplus contributions. It adds a valuable dimension to our platform, aligning with our commitment to providing users with actionable insights that extend beyond environmental considerations to encompass economic benefits as well.


Security and Access Control

Recognizing the importance of data security, we implemented a robust authentication system. This ensures that each user can only access data for the plants they are assigned to, maintaining confidentiality and integrity of the information.


The Force-V Energy Analytics Platform by Jinnah Tech is a testament to our expertise in developing solutions that are not just technologically advanced but also environmentally and economically conscious. It is a prime example of how we leverage technology to meet the complex needs of our clients while contributing to a greener planet