StoneCloud ERP Software – Revolutionizing Marble Factory Management

A desktop computer displaying the login page of Stone Cloud, a modern and secure cloud storage service, with a keyboard and mouse in the foreground.

Client Overview:

StoneCloud ERP is a comprehensive software solution, tailor-made for the unique needs of the marble and stone industry. Developed by Data Function Inc., StoneCloud simplifies business operations, offering a seamless, secure, and efficient way to manage every facet of a marble factory’s workflow.

Key Features​

Unified Dashboard:

Business Snapshot:

Obtain immediate insights into your business’s vitality through our extensive dashboard, as illustrated above. Our ERP solution provides a comprehensive overview of your business operations, ensuring streamlined management and informed decision-making.

Accounts Module:

Customer & Supplier Management:

Easily generate and maintain in-depth profiles for both customers and suppliers with our intuitive ERP system. Streamline your customer and supplier management processes effortlessly.

Transaction Tracking:

Effortlessly access comprehensive account ledgers, complete with detailed product delivery histories showcasing quantities and prices. Our ERP system provides seamless visibility into your financial records, empowering informed decision-making.

Product Analytics:

Gain valuable insights into your top delivered products, enabling a deeper understanding of client preferences. With our ERP solution, you’ll have the tools to optimize product offerings and enhance customer satisfaction.

Finance Module:

Earnings & Expenses Monitoring:

Stay informed about your financial well-being with real-time tracking of all financial transactions. Our ERP system provides constant monitoring, ensuring you have up-to-date insights into your financial health.

Financial Reporting:

Produce profit-loss statements and balance sheets to conduct thorough business assessments. With our ERP system, you can easily generate these essential financial reports, facilitating comprehensive evaluations of your business performance.


Stay on top of your financial well-being with real-time monitoring of all financial transactions. Our ERP system offers seamless tracking, providing you with instant insights into the health of your finances.

Orders Module:

Quotation & Order Creation:

Effortlessly generate and oversee quotes and orders, complete with precise details on stone dimensions. Our ERP system simplifies the process, allowing for efficient management of quotations and orders with accurate measurements of stone dimensions.


Instantly produce PDFs and receipts for each transaction with our streamlined system. Our ERP solution enables seamless creation of professional PDF documents and receipts, ensuring smooth and efficient record-keeping for every transaction.

Order Analytics:

Analyze your order history to develop more effective sales strategies. With our ERP system, you can gain valuable insights from past orders, empowering you to refine and optimize your sales approach for enhanced performance.

Deliveries Module:

Delivery Tracking:

Monitor your current inventory, encompassing incoming, outgoing, and processing stages. With our ERP system, you can efficiently track the status of your inventory in real-time, ensuring smooth operations and informed decision-making.

Receipts & PDF Generation:

Efficiently handle sizing, polishing, sectioning, and other tasks using specialized submodules. Our ERP system offers dedicated modules tailored to each process, streamlining management and enhancing productivity throughout your operations.

Inventory Module:

Stock Management:

Keep track of your current inventory status, including items in the incoming, outgoing, and processing stages. Our ERP system provides real-time monitoring, ensuring comprehensive visibility into your inventory at every stage of the supply chain.

Processing Submodules:

Effectively oversee sizing, polishing, sectioning, and other tasks through our specialized submodules. Our ERP system offers dedicated modules designed to streamline the management of these specific processes, enhancing efficiency and precision in your operations.

HRM Module:

Employee Management:

Efficiently manage all employee-related information, including details, attendance records, departmental affiliations, and team assignments. Our comprehensive ERP system enables seamless tracking and organization of employee data, ensuring smooth management of personnel across your organization.

Payroll & Analytics:

Optimize payroll management and gain valuable insights into HR metrics with our efficient system. Our ERP solution streamlines payroll processes while providing comprehensive analytics on key HR metrics, empowering informed decision-making and enhancing organizational efficiency.

Access Management Module:

Custom Access Rights:

Effectively assign and regulate access levels for various components of the software to uphold security and privacy standards. Our ERP system provides robust access control features, allowing you to customize permissions and restrict access based on roles and responsibilities, thus safeguarding sensitive information and ensuring data privacy.

Technology Stack


Crafted with React for a responsive user experience.


Powered by Django APIs for robust back-end operations.


Structured with MySQL for secure and reliable data management.


Hosted on secure Linux servers with additional security measures.

Security at Core

Data Function Inc. prioritizes the security of your data. StoneCloud utilizes advanced security protocols to safeguard sensitive information, ensuring the safety and continuity of your business operations.

About Stone Cloud

Discover how StoneCloud can streamline your marble factory operations. Contact us for a demo or to discuss your business needs.

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