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About our Agency

Data Function is a leading tech company that specializes in developing modern, secure, customer-centric, and cutting-edge digital products. Our team is renowned for its expertise in overcoming digital transformation challenges and helping businesses embrace digital experiences. We excel in using next generation technologies to transform business models and assist our clients in achieving their digital transformation goals. At Data Function, we envision a future that is digitally-connected, sustainable, and driven by innovation. Our mission is to empower businesses to reach their digital potential and drive success through technology. Our team is dedicated to upholding our values and culture as we work with our partners and clients to deliver unparalleled results.

Our Technical Proficiency

Empowering Your Business Vision with Our Technological Innovation – Let’s Build the Future Together.

At Data Function Inc., our approach is rooted in understanding your business challenges and opportunities. We believe in fostering lasting partnerships, where we continuously support and evolve our solutions to align with your business’s growth and changing needs.

  • Frontend Mastery

    We harness the power of modern frontend technologies like React and Angular to build interactive and responsive user interfaces that engage and retain users.

  • Database and API Integration

    With our proficiency in MySQL and SQL, we manage data efficiently, while our API integration capabilities ensure seamless interaction between different software components.

  • E-Commerce and CMS Platforms

    Specializing in WordPress and Shopify, we offer customized solutions that make managing your online stores and content straightforward and effective.

  • Backend Expertise

    Our backend development is fueled by languages such as Python, Node.js, .NET, Java, and C++, ensuring that your applications are robust, scalable, and secure.

  • Web Application Development

    Utilizing frameworks like Django and Flask for Python-based applications and JavaScript/TypeScript for versatile web functionalities, we cater to diverse web development needs.

  • Advanced Web Scraping

    Our team employs state-of-the-art web scraping tools to extract and analyze web data, providing you with valuable insights and competitive intelligence.

Data Function Inc.

What We Offer

Mobile Development

Recognizing the shift towards mobile-first strategies


we develop responsive and user-friendly mobile applications that keep you connected with your audience on the go.

Graphic Design

Our creative team excels in translating your brand's essence into visual narratives


Crafting designs that captivate and communicate effectively with your target audience.

Web Development

Our forte lies in creating custom websites that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also highly functional.


From sleek portfolio sites to intricate e-commerce platforms, we tailor every project to the unique needs of your business, ensuring a seamless user experience.

Content Writing

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Content Writing

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Crafting Future-Ready Digital Solutions with Advanced Technologies

Welcome to Data Function Inc., where we blend innovation, expertise, and technology to propel businesses into the digital era. Our team, rich in knowledge and experience, is committed to delivering a suite of comprehensive digital solutions that drive success and growth.



At Jinnah Tech, our team is a dynamic blend of diverse talents, each dedicated to pushing boundaries and driving excellence in software innovation. With a shared passion for technology, we unite expertise and creativity to deliver exceptional solutions that redefine possibilities.

Dawood Cheema

Dawood Cheema

Ceo of Data Function Inc.
Meet the visionary leader behind our software house! As our CEO, brings a wealth of experience and a dynamic vision to steer our company towards success in the ever-evolving tech industry.
Syed Muhammad

Syed Muhammad

WordPress Developer
Meet our talented WordPress Developer! With a passion for crafting dynamic and visually stunning websites.
Arslan Ali

Arslan Ali

Back End Developer
Introducing our exceptional Backend Developer! With a strong focus on building robust and scalable server-side applications.
Carlo Terrell

Carlo Terrell

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Our Team

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Dawood Cheema


Junaid Cheema


Braydon Wilkerson


Kristin Watson



Most frequent questions and answers

We specialize in creating a variety of websites including portfolio websites, e-commerce platforms, and service-oriented sites. Our expertise extends to responsive design, WordPress development, and custom web solutions tailored to your specific business needs.

Absolutely! Our team excels in developing custom software solutions, including backend and frontend development, API integration, and hardware integration. We focus on creating solutions that are specifically tailored to the unique needs of your business.

Our business management software services encompass the implementation and customization of ERP systems. These are designed to streamline your business processes, improve operational efficiency, and provide insightful data to manage your business more effectively.

Our data analytics services provide deep insights into your business, helping you understand customer behavior, identify market trends, and uncover areas for growth and improvement. We use a variety of tools to analyze data and offer actionable insights for better targeting and strategic planning.

We offer AI services such as the development of custom AI models to optimize various aspects of your business, from customer service automation to predictive analytics. Our AI solutions are tailored to maximize your business efficiency and output.

Our revenue optimization service involves financial analytics and modeling to improve your business’s financial performance. We analyze your revenue streams, cost structures, and market opportunities to provide strategies for financial growth and stability.

Quality and security are our top priorities. We follow best practices in software development, including rigorous testing, code reviews, and adherence to the latest security protocols to ensure the software we develop is not only high-quality but also secure.

Yes, we offer comprehensive support and maintenance services post-deployment to ensure smooth operation and continual improvement of the solutions we provide.

Our pricing varies depending on the complexity and scope of the project. We offer transparent pricing models and provide detailed quotes after understanding your specific requirements.

o start a project with us, simply contact us through our website or call us directly. We’ll schedule a consultation to discuss your needs and how we can help bring your vision to life.