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Embark on your AI journey with Data Function Inc. comprehensive AI development services. We offer end-to-end development, from conceptualizing and crafting AI solutions to seamlessly integrating them within your existing infrastructure.

Embark on your AI journey with Data Function Inc. comprehensive AI development services. We offer end-to-end development, from conceptualizing and crafting AI solutions to seamlessly integrating them within your existing infrastructure. We also excel in fine-tuning foundation models like GPT and LLaMA to create custom, domain-specific models tailored to your unique business requirements. At Data Function Inc. , we offer you the complete AI spectrum, enabling you to harness the full potential of artificial intelligence for business success.


We specialize in providing custom AI solutions tailored to your specific business needs.

Medical and Clinical Data

We can use AI to find statistical relationships in large, complex datasets that are otherwise impossible for medical researchers and practitioners to interpret. We can also build custom AI models for medical data analysis or any other domain where machine learning algorithms make raw data more digestible.

Education and Learning

Our artificial intelligence development services can be applied to any area of education to improve the learning experience for students through intelligent data analysis, assessment scoring, and other applications. We have experience in many different areas, including language learning, math problems, physical fitness testing, essay grading, and more.   

Customer Relationship Management

Orient Software can use AI to improve commercial relationships with your customers and partners by providing prescriptive, actionable feedback. We support a broad range of applications, including personalized outreach, training materials, and customer satisfaction analysis.

Human Resources Management

Our AI solutions have broad applications in human resources, including employee screening and hiring, behavior-based coaching systems for managers, workforce planning, and more.

Data Mining

We can process massive data sets to create predictive models that help you discover hidden patterns in your information. We use machine learning techniques like naive Bayesian classification models to find outliers, predict new transactions, or identify the most critical factors in a dataset.

Customer Analytics

We use AI to analyze trends in customer behavior and provide actionable recommendations for insightful business intelligence. We have experience with social media data analysis, market basket analysis, personalized engagement with customers, discovering new revenue streams from existing products, and more.

Finance & Financial Services

Software uses sophisticated financial data analysis, market basket analysis, and recommendation engines to provide prescriptive feedback for finance and banking businesses. From credit risk assessment to dynamic trading strategies, we can build a machine learning model that provides you with exceptional results.

Industrial Automation

AI is a valuable tool for automation companies because it allows mapping complex, multi-step workflows that are not easily handled by traditional software. We can build operational models for predictive maintenance, demand forecasting, risk management systems, warranty analysis, and more.

Marketing and Lead Generation

Our AI solutions can generate personalized recommendations for marketing campaigns, customer acquisition channels, and lead generation systems. We also have experience in email outreach optimization, landing page optimization, competitive analysis, product cross-sell/up-sell recommendations, market research reports, predictive churn analysis, form abandonment analysis, and more.

Logistics and Transportation

AI is beneficial for logistics companies that need to manage inventory, plan optimized routes, track shipments, or analyze past performance. We have experience building data models for transportation companies in the following areas: predictive maintenance systems, demand forecasting, predictive analytics for staffing at warehouses and trucking hubs, freight matching platforms, waste management, fleet management tools, and more.

Our AI Development Services to Create Next-generation Enterprise Solutions

AI/ML Strategy Consulting

Trust the expertise and deep tech background of the best minds at Data Function Inc. to steer you through the complexities of AI implementation through effective development approaches and strategic advice. We are committed to maximizing the value of AI/ML for your business, ensuring sustainable growth in this transformative landscape.

PoC and MVP Development

Our team of experts meticulously crafts Proof of Concepts to validate the feasibility of your AI solution’s concept, showcasing its potential through scaled-down versions. Moving forward, we design Minimum Viable Products that deliver essential functionalities, enabling real user validation, iterative enhancements and swift market entry.

Custom Model Development

We handle the entire custom AI model development process for our clients. This encompasses meticulous data preparation, rigorous model training, multi-level testing, and seamless deployment of the model. With deep expertise in fine-tuning AI models for specific tasks and domains, we ensure the models precisely match your business needs.

Custom AI Solutions Development

We collaborate with you to create AI-powered web and mobile apps that precisely align with your unique business needs. From the user interface to the algorithm, we meticulously engineer every aspect of your solution to guarantee optimal performance. Committed to both security and ethical AI, our AI development approach prioritizes responsible innovation.

AI Integration and Deployment

We go beyond crafting robust AI solutions by seamlessly integrating and deploying them into your existing infrastructure, empowering your business with AI capabilities that align with your established processes. With AI embedded into your operational framework, you witness remarkable gains in efficiency, productivity, and innovation.

Data Analysis

Data Function Inc. the expertise of Data Function Inc. data analytics experts to drive business growth through data-driven decisions. With their extensive proficiency in statistics, programming, data visualization, and machine learning, our data analysts enable businesses to derive essential insights from their data, enhance data strategies, and grasp complex data intricacies.

Generative AI Consulting

We guide you in navigating the complex landscape of generative AI technology, offering strategic insights on how to leverage it effectively for your specific industry and objectives. From conceptualization to implementation, we tailor our approach to your needs, ensuring that you harness the full spectrum of possibilities that generative AI has on offer.

Generative AI Development

Data Function Inc. our custom generative AI development service to tap into AI’s full potential. Take advantage of the transformative capabilities offered by foundational AI models such as GPT-4, Llama, and PaLM-2. Our Gen AI solutions built on these models have been designed to elevate workflow automation, resulting in heightened levels of productivity and operational excellence.

Enterprise AI Solutions Development

Collaborating closely with your team, our AI experts design and implement custom solutions tailored to your enterprise’s unique demands. From optimizing supply chains to enhancing customer experiences, our enterprise AI solutions are built to enhance operational efficiency and drive innovation in your specific industry.

AI-Driven Software Development Process

Check out the steps it takes us to make your project a success.

Analyze requirements
Make high-level estimation
Provide technology consulting
Exploratory data analysis
Project Setup
Select the engagement model
Build the core team
Prepare a roadmap for the project
Prepare tech documents
Use Agile development methodology
Progress reporting on each iteration
Perform internal and release testing
Live Release
Final testing of the complete system
Solve possible issues
Live release after approval
Collect feedback
Knowledge transfer
Perform continuous server monitoring
Allocate team members to fix bugs and make improvements

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Our artificial intelligence developers build beneficial products and software solutions.


We’re a strong AI software engineering team with years of experience in AI-driven solutions development.

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We have solid technical know-how in custom AI application development and AI software design for different domains.

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We guarantee transparent AI development processes and steady communication during the project.

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We offer flexible terms of cooperation that will be the most suitable for your project needs and goals.

Automate time-consuming tasks with Generative AI

Data Function Inc. Generative AI to optimize your business and reduce operational costs.