Revenue Forecasting, Optimization & Management Software

The cornerstone of Data Function Inc.'s revenue management software lies in ensuring consistent, dependable visibility into commercial performance drivers. The Revenue Plan offers a comprehensive view of the P&L. By leveraging targets and funds, it facilitates both top-down and bottom-up annual planning processes, crucial for propelling revenue growth management.

Make the difference that drives growth

Data Function Inc. empowers leaders within the consumer-packaged goods (CPG) sector to make informed decisions and steer toward profitable revenue growth, anchored in a dependable outlook. Simultaneously, our Software as a Service (SaaS) liberates commercial teams, enabling them to take impactful, data-driven actions. This synergy drives meaningful differences in outcomes.

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Volume to value, driven by AI

Data Function Inc.'s Revenue Forecasting and Optimization software offers a complete P&L outlook, addressing volume and value perspectives. It empowers commercial teams to optimize investments and reduce manual analysis reliance through advanced data integration, artificial intelligence (AI), and automation.

Delivering maximized results

Data Function Inc. boasts a global and diverse team dedicated to optimizing relevance for customers. Collaborating with world-class educational, deployment, and value-added retail partners, Data Function Inc. consistently delivers impactful business benefits. The team's meticulous and proactive approach ensures attention to detail. Operating in an impartial and mindful manner, employees and partners tackle people and challenges with an open mindset, prioritizing respect for all stakeholders.

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Revenue recognition involves understanding when a business legitimately earns its revenue.

For companies following a cash basis of accounting, revenue is earned upon cash receipt. In contrast, with accrual-based accounting, revenue is recognized only when it's genuinely earned.

In the case of SaaS companies, revenue generation hinges on product delivery and customer usage. This completion of activity determines the inclusion of revenue in the respective accounting period.

Adhering to revenue standards is pivotal in revenue recognition. These standards influence existing customer contracts and significantly impact your company's financial performance.

Revenue forecasting and optimization at its heart

At Data Function Inc., we advocate the 'one-number' principle, promoting precision in decision-making within organizations. Our software's core, the Revenue Plan, provides a bottom-up volume-to-value perspective, leveraging optimized promotions, contracts, prices, and volumes contributed by users. The outcome? Heightened efficiency and improved cross-team alignment within CPG organizations, fostering universal accessibility to crucial information.

Our Reporting module unlocks commercial performance drivers, offering industry-leading reports supplemented by customizable views, meeting customer-specific needs seamlessly.

Our software elevates data synchronization by centralizing all master data, granting customers complete control. Its unique data integration layer and advanced configuration simplify data management. The Product Lifecycle module streamlines assortment changes across solutions, eliminating non-value-added tasks. Data Function Inc. presents a unified software structure that genuinely amplifies organizational effectiveness and enhances the efficiency of commercial teams.

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To understand the true value of Professional Services, let’s explore what happens if the implementation is delayed.

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1 month delay on a 3 month $50k implementation will mean $16.6k of delayed cash collection per delayed project.

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1 month delay to a 3 month implementation would lead to a 25% reduction in utilization for each fully utilized team member that can not be reallocated to other work over the course of the project.

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1 month delay to a new client launch would mean $4.2k of lost revenue based on a $50k fee. With 50 new clients this could mean $208k of lost revenue.

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Good margin on SaaS PS is 40%. One months idle time caused by delays in implementation would be $10k of staff cost (for staff that can not be reallocated) for a 3 month $50k implementation.

How to Develop Revenue Management Software?

Creating revenue management software demands a precise, step-by-step action plan to ensure timely and budgeted project implementation. Below, Data Science Inc. presents a sample project roadmap, offering insight into the typical process involved in revenue management software development.